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Durdan's Park Primary School

Religious Education

At Durdan’s Park, we follow the agreed Syllabus for Religious Education for the London Borough of Ealing which has been developed by the SACRE, supported by Religious Education professionals, including the borough’s RE Network of school RE subject heads. The syllabus seeks to build on the provision in a number of distinctive, yet integrated, ways.

Children will focus on the major religions, Judaism, Christianity, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism and will also explore non religious views.

In KS1, children focus on the signs and symbols of a religion and look at festivals and high holy days within a religion.  This continues into KS2 where children develop their knowledge of a religion and look at a particular religion in more detail. Children will focus on the origins of a religion, discuss particular events within that religion and make links with other subjects.


Each Year group has a timetable slot of curriculum time of between 30 and 45 minutes an hour. The children have access to different resources ranging from books to religious artefacts such as a Seder Plate and a Quran Stand. Children will have the opportunity to visit places of worship and will listen to speakers of a religion half termly. Children are invited to make comparisons with their own experiences and relate RE learning to British Values. Children are encouraged to develop oracy skills through debate and discussion and this helps to develop understanding of the world around them and to foster mutual respect for other religions.


Children have key questions to answer and an assessment is completed at the end of every unit. Children build on prior knowledge through mind maps and answering key questions.  Children will be able to understand how different religions were formed, their signs and symbols, the festivals for a religion and stories connected to that religion.