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Durdan's Park Primary School

Overview of curriculum

Durdan’s Park Primary School follows the programmes of study from The National Curriculum for the Foundation Subjects, which includes History, Geography, Science, Religious Education, PSHE, Computing, Physical Education, Art, Design and Technology, Music and Modern Foreign Languages.

The aim of our curriculum is to create: Critical and Analytical Thinkers who become Global Citizens.

The intent shaping the curriculum at Durdan’s Park Primary School is based on the local needs and context of the school:

  • Children are respectful and keen learners and have excellent learning dispositions and we encourage them to question and analyse what they have learnt and why they have learnt something.

The school’s curriculum is organised to prioritise Early Language Acquisition and Mathematical fluency in aiming to close the gap in terms of language and deprivation, by equipping the children with the opportunity to compete with their peers now and in the wider world in the future.

The curriculum is developed to give breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding of the world through an emphasis on comparisons and differences of our five main themes: Social, Political, Emotional, Economical and Environmental.  This in turn is linked to promoting opportunities to explore moral and ethical issues along with School Values to develop children to question, be critical and analytical in learning to understand their immediate and wider global community.

The priorities of the curriculum to achieve the above is a clear focus on English and Mathematics along with developing a wider and deeper acquisition of knowledge and understanding of the wider world to overcome barriers and to have equality of opportunity to compete and be citizens of a global community. The curriculum underpins the school’s aims of achieving excellence with the prescribed National Curriculum.