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Durdan's Park Primary School


As artists, we explore some of the highest forms of creativity. We design, craft and invent our own art work using knowledge and skills. We understand the importance of art in history and culture and study famous artists and their importance.

‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how we remain an artist when we grow up’ -Pablo Picasso

Our aims in teaching Art and Design at Durdan’s Park Primary School are:

· Providing our children with a breadth of study in which knowledge, skills and understanding are taught implicitly

· Facilitating creative processes for our children

· Developing plans that allow children to be stimulated by idea, techniques, materials and other artists’ work or cultural traditions.

· Providing our children with opportunities to investigate pieces

· Allowing our children to behave both as artists as critics, investigating, making, talking and thinking

· Facilitating a culture where children can develop their communication skills and expressing their ideas and feels

· Making cross-curricular links so that the learning is meaningful and enjoyable

How art and design is taught at Durdan’s Park Primary School:

At Durdan’s Park Primary school, we teach Art and Design as a discrete subject that link to either the core text, or the focus topic for that half term (geography or history). This makes the learning memorable, meaningful and enjoyable while simultaneously developing a breadth of study of artistic knowledge and skills.

The learning journey in Art and Design consists of the following:

· A discussion around famous quotes made by a range of artists

· An introduction of the topic and the idea/activity

· An analyses of the focus artists’ pieces where the children immerse themselves into the world of visual language and representation

· A demonstration of the focus process or technique delivered by experiences teachers

· The children creating their own pieces using either the artist influence, process or stimulus that they resonated with

· An evaluation and reflection of their own pieces

Our Art and Design curriculum, started from the Early Years foundation stage up to Key Stage 2, is a culturally rich plan in order to expose our children to art in the wider world. Our curriculum coverage allows for a breadth of opportunities such as the engagement in an artists in residence programme, Legacy Project and cultural week. Durdan’s Park Primary School serves a diverse community of many cultures and languages. We want all our children to gain knowledge and understanding of the art from around the world.

Throughout the academic year, our children have opportunities to further develop their understanding of artic knowledge and skills through other subjects such as PSHE (anti-bullying week), Reading (Book week), Religious Studies (Spirited arts competition) and much more.